Σύγχρονη Οδοντιατρική - Παναγιώτης Ε. Βαλσαμάς

The dental laboratory MODERN DENTALTECHNIC founded in 1993 by Panagiotis E. Valsamas, dental prep and aesthetics specialist, and counts many years of cooperation with dentists and orthodontists from Greece and abroad.

We cover the full range of dental and orthodontic lab work that occurs in modern dentistry. We have specialized in the area of dental implants.

Our laboratory is equipped with latest technology and highly trained personnel.

With responsibility, expertise and artistry we create and supply our partners - dentists with all kinds of dental work, from bridges to implants.

Here at MODERN DENTALTECHNIC we know very well that the evolving challenges of dentistry requires constant renewal of knowledge, recurrent training in dentistry and its methods, prosthetics and generally there is the need for improvement of clinical knowledge and its applications. That is why our technical support team is comprised of individuals who have a huge inventory in dental, laboratory and clinical experience. As a result we offer a dynamic and successful approach for resolving dental cases of technical nature and daily dental concerning our area of expertise.

In an era in which the direct, personal service is rare, it is refreshing to work with a dental laboratory that truly cares about your success as a dentist.

A dental laboratory, as MODERN DENTALTECHNIC, with long experience, credibility and know-how, is sure to help you complete your work successfully.

We thank our partners for their trust over the years and invite new doctors of dental science to contact us. We can and we will help you to benefit and make your life easier through a professional collaboration.


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