Mosaic technique

Ψηφιδωτό - Παναγιώτης Ε. Βαλσαμάς

[Mosaic technique is called the lining surfaces with small, usually square tiles of natural stone or glass paste which stick in suitably shaped substrate creating elaborately decorated plaster surfaces.]]

Panagiotis E. Valsamas is artistically involved for many years with the creation of mosaic art. He creates works that draw their inspiration from all aspects of life, history and Greek mythology.

With love, addiction to detail and excellent use of materials, Panagiotis E. Valsamas applies and combines artistic skills with technical precision and knowledge of an experienced dental technician and gives life to his work. Each piece is coming to life after been mounted in the large canvas of one of the artist's works.

Here you can see some of his works.


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